A Short Story in which I Sing to Hollering Baby while Driving.


Why is it when you are put on the spot your brain just freezes?!!  For instance, I’m driving down the road and baby starts hollering in the car seat. What do you do?? You can’t plug your ears (because hello, you’re driving) and you can’t say “Here, want a twinkie?!”

My first instinct is to start singing children’s songs at the top of my lungs. Naturally “Jesus Loves Me” is the first one that comes to mind.


Silence from the backseat. Hey that worked brilliantly!

For 2 seconds…ok what’s next?  “Building up the Temple,” “Running Over,” and “Jesus Loves the Little Children” are my go-to’s so I repeat those for a while until I’m sick of them. I know at least a hundred children’s songs but can I think of any of them right now?! Nope.

This “Mommy brain” is for the birds. It’s too cluttered with doctor appointments and the To-Do-List, and thoughts like: “Did I pay that bill?” “Do I have my veil on?” and “Did I shower yesterday?”




Ask any of my close friends and family and they will tell you I am lyrically challenged…so venturing out into songs I don’t know well lead to interesting results. Case in point, I now try to sing “Who Built the Ark?”

“Who built the ark? Noah, Noah, who built the ark, Father Noah built the ark! In come the animals, two by two, the bear and the giraffe and the hippo too.” So far, so good. “In come the animals three by three, the bugs and the birds and the… buzzing bees?!  In come the animals four by four, the bats and the…bears (said that already) and the…angry boar.”


Apparently I can only think of animals that start with “B.”  This is going nowhere fast.

I stop to think (Never stop to think!) and baby starts wailing again. Hey Christmas wasn’t too long ago, so I find myself trying “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and “Joy to the World.” Um…just no. Not feeling too festive here.

Oh joy my brain just pulled up a song from the archives! “Praise Him, Praise Him, all you little children…” Did you know there are like…27 verses to that song? Serve Him, work for Him, glorify Him, love Him, obey Him, play for Him…whatever action verb comes to mind will do!

At last we’re home–exhausted, hoarse, but happy. The baby is sleeping peacefully so we tiptoe inside…only for her to wake up!!  Oh well, I get her out of her car seat and snuggle her in my arms. She’s only 3 months old but before I know it she will be too big to be held. So for now I will hold her and think about how grateful and blessed I am to be mama to this gift from God!


*A few details were added to this real-life-happening! 🙂



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